Tariq Anwar Baig

I was born in Madhya Pradesh and lived across a number of cities in the south and central India. i have a deep fascination for peoples life photography which was strengthened by the abounding cities of central India, where i spent most of my childhood. since then my interest in traveling and visiting natural environs has helped me explore my passion for people life and nature. my dalliance with sketching started when i was a child and doing schooling in Dabra M. as i began to draw with more regularity to see the world and nature in a new, more fulfilling manner. after that when i came to Sehore , that time i like photography and i started when i was 9th class. Presently i use the camera to express myself on paper and doing films.

I believe that every photo tells a story. i am a professional photographer and i have a real passion for this art.


PGDDP (Photography diploma in digital photography)

3D Computer animation

Diploma Bachelor of commerce